Every Man a Porter – How My Spirituality Shifted (Part 2)- Ogbo Awoke Ogbo


Heaven knows how many millions of Nigerians floating with that fluke in their heads – that since Nigeria is God’s Personal idea, its “Unity” is non-negotiable.

 Well, this God had no hand in the British greed and craft that wickedly wielded unwilling people together, to create an infernal cycle of corruption, wickedness and violence. As a matter of fact, Satan, using Lord Fredrick Lugard, did it! Lugard himself knew it – read his book on how he did it! We owe it to the next generation to end Satan’s work!

 Did you know before now that such words as these existed in the Bible: “Inquire, Probe and Investigate it thoroughly”




 No statement or belief is so eternal it can’t be tried and tested. The Bible commands us to test EVERY spirit! Many African worshippers, unlike the Berean believers, hardly test what their preachers tell them. Whatever their prophet says is final and more important that what God Himself says in Scripture.

 At one point, I was taught in school that Christianity was the “white man’s religion.” Suppose it was true? I also probed that. I didn’t wish it away. I’m glad I did not. Because, I found out that it is neither the white man’s nor the black man’s religion. It’s not even a RELIGION. It is a RELATIONSHIP with a Person.

 That brings me to the main matter.

 As I grew into manhood, I wanted to examine what I believed and how I came to believe them. I wanted to take full responsibility for the destiny of my soul.

 My soul is too precious to let any GO, a pastor, a big man of God, or even my parents to determine its destiny.

 I read the Quran. I read Jehovah Witnesses literature. I followed Catholics to mass and listened to astonishing ideas about the “Mother of God.” I read a little bit of Bhagavad Gita and Zen writings.

I watched the African traditional practices – the sacrifices, the incantations, the oath taking before shrines and so on.

 I questioned all of them. Some were outright absurd and fabulous crap.

 Let me digress a bit.

I have consistently marveled at how the very practices of African witch doctors have made their way straight into the pulpits of  Nigerian churches! The most bewildering to me is the enemy spirituality. People commonly go to church to have the “man of God” reveal the enemies behind their failures and frustrations in life. Why? Because someone is always behind our failures – it’s never us!

 They go to church to get even with their “enemies, “and to have the “Holy Ghost” assassinate them “by fire.” Others go to church, not to find Christ, but to look for quick wealth, husband or political office. Many of these mushroom churches are nothing but glorified demon shrines!

 Well, after all my searching and re-searching, my soul chose and found satisfaction in Christ. I chose RELATIONSHIP over RELIGION. I chose God’s Word – the Bible. That, my friend, has made a world of difference!

 (In the second part, we will explore how your life will significantly scale when you make the shift from religion to relationship with Christ…

 We will examine why God expects you to use your head here on earth – “inquire, probe and investigate it thoroughly!”)

 I love you. Be healthy, wealthy and wise!



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