How to Escape the Deadliest Mugu-Spinning Factories of the 21 Century!


Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

A few years ago, a distraught viewer of my TV program called me from Port Harcourt: “Sir, I want to get married. I’d like you to show me the woman I should marry.”

I thought he was kidding until he said, “Sir, please tell me how much you charge, send me your bank account and I’ll pay.” God is my witness: This happened.

That wasn’t all. Others have severally asked me to see for them concerning their businesses or the family members supposedly responsible for their misfortune.

After these series of encounter, I understood how fantastically lucrative the Nigerian prophetic business really is! Besides oil and Nollywood, Nigeria exports highly lucrative prophetic and deliverance businesses. They are cool foreign exchange earners.

I am baffled that Nigerians would rather make me a billionaire practicing divination for them – – telling them who their enemies are, prescribing 21 day fasts for them – – than attend my business coaching!

If I set up a “Solutions Mountain” today, design a mesmerizing ecclesiastical regalia, add ‘Prophet,’ ‘Shepherd’ or ‘Bishop’ title to my name, I’ll be so stinkingly rich I’ll own a private jet within six months!

The prophecy-deliverance value chain is the ultimate mugu-maga-spinning machine of the 21st century! It’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

During a visit to South Africa, I was taken aback by the popularity of a certain Nigerian prophet who clearly is an executive director of the antichrist. But if you called him that over there, his ardent followers will lynch you.

I think South Africa has now developed their own fantastic prophetic brands, though. These prophets are so powerful they can turn grass and human hair to food for their members.

Meanwhile, a young Malawian prophet appears to be stealing the thunder from his Nigerian and South African counterparts.

These prophets and miracle workers are masters of their shady art. Apart from Christ who had profiled them and warned about their meteoritic rise in the last days, no one made me understand their mesmerizing powers better than Robert Greene. After reading his two books, (48 Laws of Power and Seduction) you will appreciate why the false christs and pastors wield such deceptive powers over the minds of the people who follow them.

These fake prophets – ecclesiastical Harry Porters – eat people’s brain. They specially enjoy snacking on African brains. Once a mugu falls for them, he becomes a loyal ATM. He defends his ‘man of God’ to the death.

By the way, I did a quick exercise the other day. I thought of all the modern ‘men of God’ with the title ‘Apostle’ to their names. In each case, I replaced the ‘Apostle’ with ‘Apostate’ and was shocked what I discovered! Try it by yourself.

I tried the same thing with the ‘Prophet’ title. For all the ‘men of God’ who prefix their names with ‘Prophet,’ try replacing ‘Prophet’ with ‘Profit!’ The result will also shock you.

These men and women are feeding on a core human glitch – desire to know the future. Deep down in each of us is a desire to know our tomorrow – a desire to know that our future is guaranteed. They also feed on the psychology of the fear of the unknown.

These two primal desires fears are a perfect set up for seduction. Because you’d do anything for anyone who claims to know your future. You’d follow the man who has a supernatural list of all the enemies troubling you and also possesses the power to eliminate them for you. You’ll serve anyone who can do that for you.

Their prophetic-deliverance script is exactly the same frame and it works all the time. “Your uncle is after your life.” “Your boss is after you.” “Your mother-in-law is a witch…” “Ancestral spirits are demanding a pound of flesh for something your great-great grandfather did 200 years ago.”

The professional deliverance ministers are spiritual bullies and slave traders too. They trade in human souls. They single-handedly dictate who needs deliverance and when. They also know the types of demons troubling you off hand. They instill fear. “The Queen of the Coast is troubling you!”

I don’t blame them. I blame the spiritual magas and mugus whose legendary laziness would never let them read the Word of God or strive to know God for themselves.

What do you think is the greatest threat to the Church in the 21st century? Many will be quick to say Islam, especially given the impending fall of Europe to Islam via immigration and population explosion jihad. Or Buddhism – which has been spreading like wild fire in the West.

None of those! The greatest enemy of the church is within the church! Not external to it. False teachings and occult practices. The pulpit has been infiltrated by strange fires of fake prophets, pastors and teachers.

If Paul or Jesus Christ Himself attended some of the church services in Nigeria, He won’t understand what they are saying or doing. He won’t recognize the Bible they are teaching from. He won’t recognize the Jesus they are calling.

False teachings lead to false believing. False believing leads to false actions. False action leads to false living and sin. And sin leads straight to hell fire, where Jesus does not want you to end up.

Well, let me say this as plainly as I can: If you are deceived, you’ll have you and you alone to blame! Jesus’s command is simple enough: Don’t follow them! But if all you want is miracle and money, pity.

Are you a spiritual maga or mugu? Here’s help: Immerse yourself in the Scripture today! Reading the Bible is such an eye-opening and wisdom imbuing activity that I’m in shock that people don’t touch their Bible for a whole day!

Start by reading through the Gospel of Luke this week!



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