Is the Devil an African Resident? (1)


Is the Devil Africa’s Number One problem? The answer is, surprisingly, a resounding, “No!” 

Contrary to today’s numerous prophets and prayer contractors, the devil isn’t quite my or your worst enemy. The devil, with his trillion hordes of demons, is a formidable foe. No doubt. The Lord expressly prayed for our protection from “the evil one” in John 17. King David sought refuge in God from the snares of “the fowler” who cmes to “steal, kill and destroy.”

Ad how could I forget Paul’s hair-raising revelation of the unseen realms in Ephesians 6:12?

Still, your worst enemy isn’t the devil, your uncle, aunt, mother-in-law, step-mother, colleague at work or landlord. If you defeat your Number One enemy, the devil and his cohorts are a work-over job.

Do you want to know your deadliest enemy? Can you handle it if I told you? In a few minutes, I’ll show you who your worst enemy is, although, I sense that the Holy Spirit has already given you some hint.

Nevertheless, today, I’m focusing on the tortured widow called Africa.

Since my birth, no verse of Scripture has cast such baffle on my heart as the mind-boggling claim of Archangel Gabriel in Luke 1:37 which is repeated by Jesus throughout the New Testament.

Really? Are all things possible with God? When I desperately needed $2 million to fund my business, why didn’t I wake up to find it under my bed? If all things were possible, why haven’t I been able to build my $7 billion dollar company?

Nevertheless, I won’t be a liar or an ingrate toward the Most High! Because I have experienced a few inexplicable fortunes of Luke 1:37.

Once, I arranged an agreement with a radio station in Enugu for “My Mentor and Me” broadcast that would cover 8 – 12 states in Nigeria. I boldly told them I would pay for the first 13 weeks in two or three days then. I hadn’t the slightest idea where the money would come from. I wouldn’t also claim that I was full of faith that it would happen – that would be stretching it.

The day after the meeting, I received a mysterious deposit alert in my bank! The narration for the deposit was bizarre and gibberish. It was a combination of consonants that made no sense at all.

I asked everyone connected with that business account if they made any deposit and for what. They all gave me the not-me shrug. I waited a couple of days to see if it would be reversed or the bank would call and apologize. Nothing.

When I sensed that the money was divinely provided for the radio program that was to bless millions of listeners, I went ahead and issued the cheque. That was four years ago. Call me crazy but now I believe that angels do make deposits in the bank. It has   happened thrice to me.

At another time, I was running mad under the pressure of unpaid school fees and overdue rent. It was usually in such circumstances that Luke 1:37 annoyed me. How could all things be possible and my children were being withdrawn from school for unpaid fees?

Again, the totally inexplicable stepped in. While in meditation one morning, I received a very suspicious call from someone claiming to be from my previous employer about some payment due me.

I thought it was one of those “419” (advance fee fraud) calls. But alas! I received a huge sum in millions – nearly two years after I had completely exited the Company. Up till today, I do not know what it was for but who cares? The caller simply said that his Manager reprimanded him for having kept the money for so long and instructed him to pay the money expressly! Rationalize that if you can!

A couple other times, anonymous people have paid some of my overdue obligations directly to the client with very strict instruction not to be named. If I walked by those people in the mall, I would never know.

These are just a few of the inexplicable mercies in my feeble walk with God. I wonder what your own stories might be! We all have these angelic encounters. I’m awed by the desperate yearning of our Heavenly Father to bless the sons of men! Not because we are righteous but because Christ completely paid for it already!

So, maybe, after all, all things could be possible with God. Maybe Angel Gabriel was right.

I am becoming a believer in the impossible. I am becoming an apostle of impossible ideas. I am beginning to trade the currency of grace. I’m beginning to believe the Risen Christ for greater things.

As a result, in recent years, I have asked myself, ‘Since all things are indeed possible with God, what one impossible problem would I like to tackle before I die?’

That’s the connection to today’s meditation. If there’s one impossible thing I’d love to engage, it’s to break the deadly, parasitic, iron grip that Europe (or the West in general) has on Africa’s neck. Europe is the tapeworm in Africa’s belly.

The West, not the devil, is Africa’s Enemy Numero Uno! Millions have died trying to challenge the stomach churning wickedness of Europe in Africa since the infamous Scramble in the late 19th century.

By the West, I’m not referring to individuals. Some of the world’s most beautiful, kind hearted, peace loving and ethical humans are from Europe and North America. Some of my best friends are from the West. No, I am referring to the system, the ideology, the policies, the media shaping, the sinister manipulations and subjugation of a people and the deliberate creation of opioid dependency.

In all his wasted years in office, Obama’s major interest and legacy in Africa was the promotion of the homosexual agenda! The people of Africa collectively said, “We respect your own culture. Please respect ours. This is not our culture.” Obama replied, “Then you must make it your culture or I’ll use my POTUS might and punish you!” And he kept his promise.

Behind every misfortune in Africa, behind every political crisis, behind every war (including the costliest of them all – the Biafran genocide), behind the poverty due to trade imbalance, behind the ethnic clashes and intertribal hatred, behind the pillaging of Africa’s natural resources, behind the economic wars and hunger in Africa, is Europe!

Do you remember the song that anywhere Jesus went He was doing good? Can you say the same thing about any African country the International Monetary Fund visited?

Was I shocked last month to learn from a well educated Francophone friend that the French countries in Africa still pay tributes and taxes to their colonial master, France! Go figure!

No despot would rule Africa unless the West sanctioned him or her. Every African political leader is a stooge of the West. Not one exception other than Robert Mugabe – which is why they have hated him and punished Zimbabwe like hell. Maybe Nelson Mandela. Maybe the late Muammar Gaddafi.

All of the Nigerian leaders since “Independence” from Britain have been zombies of the British Empire. Abacha tried to spite his master and promptly ate a delicious apple.

Africa’s enemy is stronger than the devil! I can easily cast out the devil. The devil is defeated. The cross put paid his loser destiny.

Not so for the West’s stranglehold in Africa. You cannot win any election anywhere in Africa if the string-pulling masters have not sanctioned. Obama, Hilary and Kerry would rather impose an illiterate Buhari on us than care about the destiny of 200 million in their slave camp called Nigeria. They knew he won’t perform but that was exactly the profile they wanted – one easy to manipulate and push over. One who didn’t possess the guts or intellectual presence to resist them.

Nigeria, the largest slave camp, has reached its inflection point of not return. The hypnosis of 1914 has worn off. The western media has now mustered its deadliest arsenal of propaganda to sabotage the yearning of the people for their right to determine their own destiny. Britain, the Project Owner, says, “The slave camp must not be disrupted. The structure of the camp is not negotiable!”

The struggle to free Africa from the stranglehold of the West is not a war of guns and bombs. But with God ALL things are possible. That would be the subject of the second part next week, Deo volente.

Until then, answer this question for yourself, “If all things were possible with God what big problems will I solve?”

And in case you’re still trying to figure out your own worst enemy, follow this simple instruction: Find a mirror of any size. Enter the bathroom and shut the door tightly behind you. Make sure no one knows what you want to do. After you have secured the bathroom door, take out the mirror and hold in front of you! There s/he is!

I love you! Be healthy, wealthy and wise!




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