Desmond and the drum


Desmond lived in a small town called Arum. Even though he had many good qualities, he had started to lack respect for others. When his Aunt Agatha, a big businesswoman in the town gave him a drum for his birthday, he was a nightmare. It didn’t matter to him if everyone asked him to play the drum a little quieter, or to go and play somewhere else: Desmond went all round the town beating his drum, and the fact that he was annoying others didn’t affect him in the least.

Even in school, His classmates stopped wanting to play with him. They suffered so much from his noisy drum that even Emeka, a very intelligent pupil and a son of a wealthy parents, invented some special earplugs which allowed you to hear normal sounds, but blocked out the annoying ones. On seeing that the others were ignoring him, and not even being annoyed any more. This got Desmond very angry with Emeka. After a big fight, the invented device ended up falling to the floor all the way from the height of the table, broke up and separated.

Even though it was an accident, everyone was angry with Desmond. No one wanted anything more to do with him, although that didn’t bother him a great deal.

Everything would have stayed like that if it hadn’t have been for the fact that a few days later, a lovely cuckoo clock was put in the classroom, just next to the desk Desmond rested on. The cuckoo clock was constantly making noise.

-“Tick tock, tick tock,”

and to top it all, every hour the cuckoo came out to do its

-“cuckoo cuckoo!”

Desmond couldn’t get any rest at all. However, the others, with their special earplugs, were fine.

Then Thomas started to realise just how much he had annoyed everyone with his drum, and how stupid it had been to fight with Emeka. Emeka was the only one who would be able to help him now. Determined to rectify the situation, and so everyone would eventually see he was becoming the best-behaved, most respectful boy, he spent all his time devising means to be friend with Emeka in secret. He spent many days and nights thinking on how to work that out because he could hardly get any rest because of the cuckoo clock.

When they eventually became friends again, everyone got a huge surprise, and they enthusiastically congratulated and appreciated Desmond for turning new leaf. Desmond, in return, asked them to forgive him for his lack of consideration. And so, Emeka made a pair of earplugs for him too.

Finally Desmond could get some rest, and never again was he as inconsiderate as he had been before.



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