Customs deploy scanners to check influx of dangerous items

Matthew Otoijagha

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has Okayed the deployment of scanners at seaports to check the influx of dangerous items into the country, it was learnt.

Speaking with Stockswatch, its Area Controller, Tin Can Command Mr. Musa Baba Abdullah said the Service would deploy the scanners to boost 100 per cent cargo clearance. “With regards to the 2019 elections, the Service is trying to commission the scanners. Some of them are not there now, but the Service is working seriously to ensure that the scanners are put in place.

“As soon as the scanners are put in place, we are sure of 100 per cent cargo examination through the scanners. At least,  we would be sure of what is coming, compared to the physical examination that is there now,  sometimes, human element can come in, sometimes you might forget certain things, which might end up being a serious issue, “he said.

On the involvement of foreigners in cargo clearance at the seaports, Musa blamed the development on Nigerians. He called for a law that would spell it out that certain jobs must be reserved for Nigerians, especially areas where we have the capacity and comparative advantage.

“Our people prefer foreigners than Nigerians. We need to ask ourselves why it is so; many of the bike riders are from Chad, Niger etc, while those doing tilling are from Togo and Cotonou.

“Nigerians have to change our attitude to work. Sincerely, we are not good managers. You can carry out an independent analysis of certain sectors; take note of the businesses, we work more, if we are controlled by foreigners.

“For instance, if you give Nigerian companies job to do, they run it aground. But if you bring in an expatriate from outside, they work hard for every seven days; you would find a Nigerian being engaged unofficially in some family issues and extended family issues.

‘‘But for the expatriates, who is in the country for the job, he would forget about those mundane things and focus on his job for 30 days,” he said.

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