COVID-19: Lagos state shuts down markets

The Lagos State Government has announced a shutdown of all markets and stores in the state except those selling essential commodities like foodstuffs, medical supplies, water and so on with effect from Thursday for one week at the first instance.

This was announced by the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu, during a press briefing on Tuesday at State house, Marina.

The Governor, however, pointed out that markets that sell essential commodities such as medical equipment, water, foodstuff will be exempted.

He said, ”All markets and stalls except those selling food items, water, medicines, pharmacies, medical equipment and other related essential life-saving products are hereby directed to close effective from Thursday, March 26th, 2020 for seven days at the first instance”

In addition to the closure of the markets, the Governor directed all restaurants, fast food shops and eateries to serve takeaway for all their customers with no in-dinning permitted in their location. This is to help prevent the coming together of too many people in this location at the same time.

Also included in the directive is the closure of shops in malls that are not selling any of the initially mentioned essential items from Thursday as well.

It is not a total lockdown, we still want people on essential services to go about their normal activities’, he said.

‘We are trying to de-centralize markets in Lagos. This is why we want to use some of our closed schools as markets, so people can buy food and medicine without going a long distance.

“It is only when you are alive that you can talk about economics and finance”.

In a related development, earlier in the day, Market Leaders and Traders Association of Nigeria, Lagos chapter had issued a statement, directing the shutdown of markets, showrooms, offices and warehouses on Friday.

This is as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, just as Lagosians were given a grace period of between Tuesday and Thursday to stock their homes with foodstuff.


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