Best Back to School Tips For Kids


Hi kids and I hope you are or have adapted back again to rigorous academic activities. Of course, you should because that is currently your own full time vocation just like dad and mum do either in their businesses or places of work. That being settled, you will need this guide to help out as you progress in life.

  • OUTPERFORM YOUR PAST: Take a look back at your performances in the immediate previous class, compete with yourself and ensure that you better those previous performances no matter how excellent it was. I do read of students that often show jealousy about the performances of other students. That is extremely bad. You see, jealousy of performances or achievements of others is not necessary really. Of course, the spirit of competitiveness might not largely be bad but when taken to the extreme such that a student would have to develop bad mind against a high flying fellow student to the extent of getting the high flying student s injured or harmed? That is really bad. All you need do is compete with yourself by making your previous performance the least expected. If you ever learn to do this as a kid and a student within this age bracket, success awaits you if this is retained and sustained into adulthood. Compete with yourself, always make sure you exceed your previous known attainments and strive harder by working harder for the better after your previous best. Becoming a better you will require being much more attentive to the teachers in the classrooms, concentrating on home and class works, reading ahead of the class at all times and being humble even in that which you know. You will need to play when you need to but that would have to be curtailed and restricted to the limit allowed by either the teachers or parents.
  • SAFE A NAIRA TODAY: Your age bracket as dependants and your current full time vocation as student exposes you to free money irrespective of quantity or quality and quarter. This is really the only of such a season in your life for that freebies ever. A short while from now, you will be expected to generate money for yourself and thereafter, you also will begin to shoulder the responsibilities of not just yourself but also for others and probably pay back in varied ways, those who had contributed to your life. Your attitudes toward money you did not work for but given to you by mum, dad and relatives will determine the way you handle money that you will later work for with your hands. Y’know, the difference between when you are at home and when you are now back in school is that while at home, you might not necessarily have needs for money and so might not be holding money for yourself but now that you are back in school, you must of necessity hold cash or card at almost everytime. What are you to learn?
  1. Money is scarce to get. Mum and Dad might be sending you money as much as expected of them, it is because they have made you the priority and desire the best for you that you should not suffer. Appreciate them at all times greatly. Also thank God for that much or little that you do get. Never take the money being spent on your by mum and dad for granted. Ensure that you show them high level appreciation.
  2. Create savings from every pocket money sent to you. Make sure you keep between 10-20% of the pocket money no matter how little or hard the time.
  3. When Mum and Dad do not quickly respond to your money needs or send below your expectations, you will need to understand and make do with what you’ve got.
  4. Adjust your living below the amount in your hand and never ever bother yourself with happenings in the finances of others around you. Why must you do this? So that you will be able to cope in cases when mum and dad could not send your desired amount to you or whenever there is a delay.
  5. Never ever compete with others in the way money is spent. Is another child around you wasteful? Don’t be bothered, you learn not to be wasteful. Are other kids around you spending indiscriminately? Just look away from them and make do with what you have.
  6. At the end of every term, ensure that the balances in your savings increase and never diminish.
  7. At your leisure time, read books and other publications on money and its management.

The discussions continue next week. Bye for now.



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