My motivation is to solve problems and create new opportunities – Odebiyi

Olusegun Odebiyi is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur in Information Technology. He is the founder and Managing Director of FUSE Computer Solutions. Segun has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering ( B.Eng) and a Master of Engineering in Processing and Storage Engineering (M.Eng) from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

His passion for IT made him to further his studies to acquire certificate in Computer Hardware and Software (Cisco Essentials) from Cisco Networking Academy USA. He is also a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Segun is a member of several professional bodies including: Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE) among others.With great passion for youth mentoring and empowerment, Segun has in various ways impacted the lives of youths around his sphere of influence.

In this interview with stockswatch, Segun shared his experience, passion and motivation as an entrepreneur. Wole Olajide brings you excerpts.

What is the nature of your business?

The nature of our business can be summarized as computer solutions. We provide various solutions which cut cross, computer sales and maintenance, networking, VOIP solutions, Close Circuit Television (CCTV), web development, online registrations and internet services.

 Who are your target customers?

Our target customers are students, youth, young adult and any professional who uses computer for his or her day-today operations. We also provide online registration of examinations for schools and also setting up computer lab for schools and colleges.

 What is your motivation as an entrepreneur?

My motivation as an entrepreneur is to solve problems and create new opportunities. I believe if I can solve problems, then financial reward will come in. People are always ready to reward problem solvers. Creating opportunities is about identifying the need of people in particular areas of life and look for a way of creating things that can make life comfortable just like the way engineers create opportunities and solve problems.

What were the challenges you experienced at the initial stage as an entrepreneur?

As we all know that challenges are part of life and if seen as opportunities for growth and properly managed can lead to breaking forth.

The challenges I experienced at the initial stage of the business are: finance and acceptability.

To set up any business, after a thorough business plan and adequate acquisition of knowledge needed for the business, the next thing is the money to start the business. I had some challenges in getting more for the procurement of some materials and in setting up office space, but I was lucky to receive a business support from African Young Entrepreneur ( A.Y.E) after participating in the 2016 edition of the program aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs.

Client acceptability and brand building is another challenge we faced at the initial stage , but with loyalty and dedication I was able to provide services for client which enables them to refer me to other potential clients.

 How did you overcome those challenges?

Through hard work, dedication and excellent customer service, I was able to overcome the challenges.

How can young people improve on themselves?

I am always passionate about youth and youth empowerment. So I will advise young ones never to stop learning, they should give themselves to learning, personal development and positive thinking. They should be open to opportunities and never engage in anything that can jeopardise their glorious future.

The internet is a good place for young ones to learn, instead of using the internet for social media alone, there are courses available online that they can enrolfor free. YouTube is one of the best places to learn about your field. I have learnt a lot from YouTube which I am using to make money now. Remember information is power and readers are always leaders.

Olusegun Odebiyi can be reached via email: and Facebook: OdebiyiOlusegun

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